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Financial Advisor Marketing Podcast

Jan 28, 2019

You go after specific people when you look for clients. You’re looking for people who have more money than time. You need people who need financial advice.

But they can be hard to find—after all, most rich people spend their time doing productive things instead of clicking on social media ads or reading junk...

Jan 21, 2019

To get more clients as a financial advisor, you need to improve your marketing. And you can find tons of marketing strategies everywhere from the internet to your local library.

Many advisors implement these strategies and get no or minimal results. They blame themselves and think they’re not good enough.

In reality,...

Jan 13, 2019

If you tried to follow every guru, read every book and go to every seminar on becoming a successful financial advisor, you’d never get done consuming advice.

And frankly, much of the “advice” out there are shoehorned tips trumpeted by people who haven’t been in the trenches as an advisor.

If you prefer to sign...