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Financial Advisor Marketing Podcast

Feb 28, 2022

Blogging, social media and networking are great ways to get clients. But they take time to get results: You’re always creating, but you might wait for months before anyone calls you up (if it ever happens).

But there’s a strategy that gets results now: Paid ads. 

If you run ads the right way, you can get...

Feb 21, 2022

All the gurus, coaches and other so-called experts on the internet tell you what to do to become successful.

Some of them have good advice. But all of it’s useless if you’re sabotaging your own success. A large part of becoming successful is about what you stop doing, not what you start doing. 

When you quit the...

Feb 14, 2022

Making a million dollars per year sounds awesome: You’d have the money to drive your dream car, live wherever you want and spend time with your family. 

But the “millionaire lifestyle” sounds unattainable for most financial advisors. The truth is: Almost anyone can get to this level of income. 

You just have to...

Feb 7, 2022

Many prospects don’t want to pay for a financial advisor even if their portfolio would grow faster with your help.

You’ll never convince these folks with pressure sales and endless phone calls. You have to opt for something more subtle. The easiest way: Analogies. 

When you use analogies, you teach your leads,...