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Financial Advisor Marketing Podcast

Apr 25, 2022

Many financial advisors grow their businesses every year. A select few are able to multiply their income year over year. 

But some financial advisors stay stuck. They work all day and barely see their families—just to make the same amount of money they made last year. 

Why? That’s what this episode is all about....

Apr 18, 2022

Many financial advisors spend weeks on marketing strategies that never get them a single client. 

Meanwhile, a few advisors magnetize dream clients without spending all day creating content. 

That’s because they accept a few harsh truths about marketing. It sucks to accept failure, but once you’ve accepted the...

Apr 11, 2022

A ton of experts, gurus and coaches love to talk about mindset. And if you think like a loser, you’ll become a loser. 

But if you only think about success, you’ll never be wealthy, never live in the house you want or drive the car you want. 

You’ll only reach your goals if you take action. In this episode,...

Apr 4, 2022

Most financial advisors love making portfolios grow, but hate to do marketing. 

That’s not because they’re bad at it, it’s because they think they have to write, design and understand technology.

But you don’t have to do things you hate. You can talk into a camera and get clients with simple videos. 

In this...