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Financial Advisor Marketing Podcast

Sep 26, 2022

Making $500k per year as a financial advisor is a massive milestone. Not only does it give you peace of mind, but it allows you to “hire” your money to grow your wealth. 

But the cold, hard truth is that most financial advisors have no clue about how to get there. Many believe it’s not even possible to make $500k...

Sep 19, 2022

An article from Russ Alan Prince found that only 30.4% of clients who paid for a financial plan implemented more than 20% of their plan within six months. Worse yet, 51.4% of clients implemented less than 20% within six months. And the remaining 18.2% did nothing at all. 

Here’s why that’s good news: 


Sep 12, 2022

Imagine how many more clients you would have—and how much more moolah you would make—if you were able to convince a fraction of your website visitors to book an appointment. 

Think you could add an extra $20k, $50k, or even $100k to your income? Me too. 

Well, I have good news: 

I spent four days reviewing 60...

Sep 5, 2022

Many financial advisors salivate over the idea of hiring a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants add hours, or even days, to your workweek. They boost your productivity, unlocking more income. And they cut your daily frustrations and stresses in half.

But hiring the wrong virtual assistant, or hiring before...