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Financial Advisor Marketing Podcast

Jun 10, 2024

After helping thousands of financial advisors improve their marketing, I’ve realized that there are 5 key elements that successful financial advisors leverage in their marketing. 

Missing any one of these five elements could be a reason that your marketing campaign lights your budget on fire without you seeing any benefit to your bottom line. 

But most financial advisors aren’t even aware of these five elements. 

In today’s show, you’ll discover the 5 elements of winning online marketing campaigns for financial advisors, so you become one of the few financial advisors who can use your marketing to land clients whenever you want. 

Listen now. 

Show highlights include:

  • Why studying landing pages and websites from the best marketers can actually make yours worse (1:44) 
  • How to make every piece of marketing collateral in your financial advice business better by simply watching The Godfather (2:25) 
  • The “Try Enough” marketing strategy that every winning online marketing campaign leverages (and it also explains why your marketing campaigns fail) (4:08) 
  • The insidious “Three Feet From Gold” trap financial advisors’ marketing campaigns fall into that devours your ROI (4:47) 
  • Why targeting a broad pool in your online ads is like throwing money away (even if an advertising guru told you that going broad works better) (8:05) 
  • 3 simple steps from management legend Peter Drucker to turn a sea of data into actionable insights that ratchet up the effectiveness of your marketing (10:51) 
  • The exact amount of time you should let your winning ads run for (12:30) 
  • How to slice and dice one winning ad into ten (or more) winning ads (without fully redoing your ad each time) (13:00) 
  • Why diversifying your marketing assets helps you generate returns in the short-term while also preventing your entire business from sinking over the long-term (17:24) 

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