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Financial Advisor Marketing Podcast

Dec 20, 2021

Referral leads  are better than random people from networking meetings. They hire you without objecting to everything you say. They’re usually wealthy, You don’t have to work to acquire them and they already trust you.

Unfortunately, most advisors struggle to get referrals—because they ask for them.

Begging your existing clients for referrals sucks. It makes your clients uncomfortable and makes many advisors feel like sleazy salespeople. 

But getting referrals can be easy. If you do it right, you’ll get new referral leads ringing you up out of nowhere. 

In this episode, you’ll find out exactly how to engineer a stream of referral leads without ever asking clients for referrals. 

Want to get referrals without working for them? Listen now! 

Show highlights include: 

  • How to “replicate” your best clients and skyrocket your revenue without cold-calling strangers. (8:57)
  • Why now is the most important time in human history for wealthy clients to hire financial advisors (14:07)
  • The odd reason taking all SEO measures off of your pages magnetizes affluent clients (even if you’re ranked on the first page of Google). (16:37)
  • Why your best clients are hiding their real questions from you (and how to find out those questions to close them on additional services. (35:26)


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